Campaign Videos

 Videos tell the exciting story of the CFC, from the generous federal employees and retirees who pledge each year to the charitable organizations that use these donations to make a positive difference in the world to the beneficiaries who receive help in their time of need. Click the name or thumbnail of the video to watch. 

The 2022 CFC Promotional Video

Heart graphic and text: Choose our favorite charities from the list

This introduction to the CFC video provides some background information on the campaign, shows how the CFC works, and introduces the online giving system.

Why the CFC Matters Video

Stars and text: Why does the CFC matter?

Use this short video on social, intranet sites, and other places to show why the CFC matters.

A Federal Employee Testimonial

A CFC Donor with Dual Passions - a Federal Employee Testimonial

Hear from a Federal employee who supports multiple causes through the CFC. 

A CFC Charity Testimonial

screen shot of intro to CFC charity testimonial video

Learn about how CFC donations make the difference for a charity providing shelter, food, and job security for the homeless.

A Federal Employee and Retiree Testimonial

Screenshot of opening screen to the federal employee testimonial video

In this video, a federal employee and her mother, a federal retiree, discuss the charitable cause that is important to them and how giving through the CFC helps this cause.


A Marine Testimonial

Screenshot of opening screen to marine testimonial video

Hear about why a Marine chooses to serve, give, and volunteer.