Ways to Join the CFC Community

There are multiple other ways to join the CFC community and be the face of change! Here are a few ways to be a changemaker and have a positive impact:

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Give. There are so many ways to give -- online, the CFC Giving Mobile App, or if you like pen and paper, download the PDF pledge form. Our favorite option is giving online. All you have to do is click DONATE. Then set up your profile, choose your charities, and designate your payment option: payroll deduction, credit/debit card, or e-check. 

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Volunteer. Federal employees can sign up to volunteer for a greater impact. Simply select from participating charities and list the number of hours you wish to pledge. Note: Be sure to check the release box on the pledge form to allow charities to contact you about volunteer opportunities. If you wish to remain anonymous, make sure you reach out to your charities to complete your pledged volunteer hours!

Engage. There’s no better time to get involved!